Blog Talk – Do You Deadlift? (Episode 3)

The Deadlift. Blog Talk. Episode 3

The deadlift is a common fitness exercise but often performed incorrectly. Did you know that the core and GLUTES drive the deadlift? Right…not the hamstring or back. Unfortunately, most people don’t now this until they get injured.

I recently just witnessed a fitness class of 40+ people rounding their spine and lifting from their back. Yikes! Once I explain how a Deadlift should actually feel (ie. glutes!!) every single person says: “Oh, man, that really changes how I do that lift.”

Episode 3 is dedicated to a Blog Post I originally published in January 2016 and updated in May 2018: Do You Deadlift?

It’s a short video that could save you from a disc herniation or hamstring strain.

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