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Posture: It Takes The Core!

One of the strangest gimmicks I’ve ever been introduced to in my professional career was in 2010. I was working in Boulder, CO and a salesperson brought in a “posture shirt” for us to try on. The idea was that it might be something useful for our patients. Oh man, was this shirt uncomfortable. It…

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Video Blog: Activate the Core!

A friend of mine recently had a baby and asked: “So what is the best way to start building back my abdominal muscles?” Without getting into detail about core anatomy or into a debate over which muscles are really part of the core and blah, blah, blah, I’m certain we all agree we need the inner abdominal layers.…

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Video Blog: “Lean Into the Wind”

Last month, Pilates for Triathletes Run Part II: “Lean Into the Wind” was published in the Pilates for Triathletes Series. The blog discussed the importance of neutral spine for optimal running. This is a continuation of that blog post. Below is a short video (2:16 min) on how to master: “Lean Into the Wind.”

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