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Lower Extremity

Big Toe Mobility: Is It Really That Important?

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When a patient walks in with a primary compliant of foot pain a lower body screening is necessary. This means watching the patient walk normally, walk on toes, walk on heels, squat, single leg squat, and other sport specific movements. Many times the hip can be the culprit for causing foot pain, but not always.…

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Got Dorsiflexion?

ankle dorsiflexion squat

Poor ankle mobility can have a significant impact on motion throughout other areas of the body. If mobility is lost at the ankle joint it has to be found somewhere up the chain, such as the knee or hip. One of the most important motions at the ankle is Dorsiflexion. This is the ability to…

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Blog Talk – Hamstring Strains (Episode 4)

Hamstring Strains. Blog Talk. Episode 4 Hamstring strains are one of the most stubborn injuries to heal. But the good news is that they CAN heal. However, it doesn’t involve a lot of stretching or resting. It takes active recovery, some dedication and time to truly heal these bothersome strains. Episode 4 is our first…

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Unexplained Body Pain: Muscle Atrophy and Fascia

The X-ray is normal. The MRI is negative. Every doctor visit leads you to more confusion and less answers as they say: “I’m not sure why you’re in pain.” So, they move you along. Not because they don’t care, but likely because they may not know. If the diagnostic tests, medical screens, blood work-up and…

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