Move out of Pain!

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Healing the body from pain and injury is a process. It takes time, dedication and healthy movement patterns. Yep, it’s that simple. Unfortunately, we continue to live in an era of passive, silly treatments to attempt immediate pain relief. Although these treatments may ease the pain temporarily, they are not actually healing your pain. So,…

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Unexplained Body Pain: Muscle Atrophy and Fascia

The X-ray is normal. The MRI is negative. Every doctor visit leads you to more confusion and less answers as they say: “I’m not sure why you’re in pain.” So, they move you along. Not because they don’t care, but likely because they may not know. If the diagnostic tests, medical screens, blood work-up and…

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Glute Exercises: The Top Two to Get Started

After the blog post last week about IT Band Syndrome, several of you asked: “What are the best exercises to activate the glutes?” You ask, you shall receive. Here is a brief review of the glutes and associated hip musculature. This will help with the exercise portion in a minute. Definitions Abduction: leg moves out…

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