Physical Therapy

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

Pilates is brilliant at teaching the body how to move with healthy patterns.

Pilates is rooted in a childhood development stage: Stability with Mobility. Without trunk/core stability, our leg, arm and neck mobility is altered. This leads to compensation and pain.

Consider a new born baby.

Mobility Phase: When a baby is born they are very mobile and require an adult to provide stability to their fragile body.

Stablity Phase: Around 6 months, a baby will start to sit up for lengths of time, a development phase that indicates they are working on stability.

Stability with Mobility Phase: A few months later (around 8-9 months old), a baby will sit and begin to reach for a toy outside their periphery. Imagine if that baby had never worked on trunk stability for a few months. They would fall over. 

As we age, we don’t fall over, we compensate. And compensation = dysfunction + pain.

Having Core Stability and learning the concept of Stability with Mobility is THE KEY for lifelong healing, pain-free function and optimal sports performance.


Sports-Specific Rehab

Sports-Specific Rehab is imperative for anyone returning to recreational or competitive sport. And, it's often the missing link.

Physical Therapy should progress through two main phases: The Unloading Phase and The Loading Phase.

This is the most challenging phase for athletes. Unloading painful tissue is not a passive event and takes intense concentration to create healthy movement patterns. This phase requires some patience and excellent home exercise compliance.

The success of this healing stage will dictate the time frame, progressions and exercises of The Loading Phase.

Initially, the loading phase begins with exercises to achieve pain-free function. This includes: walking, stairs, floor to stand transfers and sitting.

Once this is accomplished, Sports-Specifc Rehab begins. For athletes, this is when Physical Therapy becomes FUN!

Want to Run? It's time to load the core and glutes. This is not a phase of glute bridges and fire hydrants. This is when the athlete must master lateral lunges, squats, high step ups, agility and other core-based exercises required for healthy running.

Want to Swim? This is not the band-work phase. This requires dynamic movements for rotation, lat strength, rotator cuff stability and an incredible kick to return to the water like a rockstar!

Sports Specific Rehab is a speciality. Luckily, it's ours!

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a specific skill to Physical Therapists that is a blend of soft tissue and joint mobilization that creates meaningful change for healthy movement.

Our Lafayette, Colorado Physical Therapists are highly skilled at manual therapy and incorporate it with almost every treatment. It is effective, hands-on work that calms the neurological system and helps improve movement patterns.

Manual therapy is an essential component for optimal healing and should feel important, proficient and happy to your body.

If you've had body work in the past that felt like a torture chamber, it was not Manual Therapy.

"Pain does not heal pain." ~Lori Duncan, founder

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation $205
  • Physical Therapy Follow-Up $150
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