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Diastasis Recti: It Can Happen to Anyone

Bringing a baby into the world (from pregnancy to childbirth) is one of the most amazing experiences for any mother. It also brings a lot of body changes. As an athlete and a physical therapist, I thought I would be able to avoid these changes.  I did all the breathing, core exercises and practiced safe…

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Blog Talk – Do You Deadlift? (Episode 3)

The Deadlift. Blog Talk. Episode 3 The deadlift is a common fitness exercise but often performed incorrectly. Did you know that the core and GLUTES drive the deadlift? Right…not the hamstring or back. Unfortunately, most people don’t now this until they get injured. I recently just witnessed a fitness class of 40+ people rounding their…

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Back Pain: Disc Herniations

Slip a disc? Back “go out”? Unfortunately, back pain is very common and ~60-80% of us will deal with it at some point.  Disc Herniations are one of the most common causes of back pain. Why? Because our body mechanics, core stability, posture and overall movement patterns are not what they used to be. We…

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