Big Toe Mobility: Is It Really That Important?

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When a patient walks in with a primary compliant of foot pain a lower body screening is necessary. This means watching the patient walk normally, walk on toes, walk on heels, squat, single leg squat, and other sport specific movements. Many times the hip can be the culprit for causing foot pain, but not always.…

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Got Dorsiflexion?

ankle dorsiflexion squat

Poor ankle mobility can have a significant impact on motion throughout other areas of the body. If mobility is lost at the ankle joint it has to be found somewhere up the chain, such as the knee or hip. One of the most important motions at the ankle is Dorsiflexion. This is the ability to…

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Flip Flops: A Good Shoe to Wear?

Um…no. Flip flops are a “flop” when it comes to being supportive and biomechanically sound. However, I will still bust out my flip flops in the summer…to walk short distances. Seriously, flip flops should not be an everyday shoe in the warm weather. I know, I know. They are cute, make a fun sound when we walk,…

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Pilates for Triathletes Run Part I: The Single Leg Squat

Whether you’re the occasional, recreational, or elite runner, there is one common link that should exist between all runners. It is independent of how the foot hits the ground or if the shoe is $50 or $250. It is also independent of age. The common link that should exist with all runners is: a strong, stable and efficient hip-pelvic-core complex. The parts…

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Achilles Tendonitis: Overload that Tendon!

Achilles pain is one of the most common lower leg injuries and it can be very debilitating. Although it is usually associated with runners, it can affect anyone including: cyclists, walkers, new shoe wearers and basketball players. If the achilles pain is chronic (usually more than 1 month), there is one common exercise I prescribe to all…

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