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Upper Extremity

Unexplained Body Pain: Muscle Atrophy and Fascia

The X-ray is normal. The MRI is negative. Every doctor visit leads you to more confusion and less answers as they say: “I’m not sure why you’re in pain.” So, they move you along. Not because they don’t care, but likely because they may not know. If the diagnostic tests, medical screens, blood work-up and…

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Elbow Pain: Blame Your Lat!

Got elbow pain? Is it inside or outside? Commonly known as golfer’s elbow (inside pain) and tennis elbow (outside pain), many patients complain of elbow pain but have never hit a tennis or golf ball in their life. This might be your story too. So, why are you having elbow pain? There are many contributing…

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Frozen Shoulder: Does it Really Thaw?

Frozen shoulder is a very painful shoulder condition, yet most people forego getting treatment. They simply try and “wait it out.” It has always shocked me how long patients tolerate the pain of frozen shoulder before getting treatment. But once they start the process of physical therapy, every single patient says: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”…

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Foam Rolling: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Foam rolling has become one of the most popular exercise tools in the sports and rehab world. At some point, most of us have found ourselves rolling up and down this piece of styrofoam hoping for pain relief or improved muscle flexibility. We may have even had short-term relief. But, let’s be honest. Most of us have…

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