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Breathing: Belly Breathing Does Not Exist

Breathing is one of the most natural things we are designed to do. Yet, we complicate it. We should breathe in, breathe out. Simple. But are you really using the primary breathing muscle? What is the quality of your breath? Is it deep? Shallow? Low? High? There is a lot of poor information circulating in regards…

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Videos on Vimeo: They Benefit Everyone

The big question I keep hearing is: Would any of these videos benefit me? Quick answer: Yes, these videos are for EVERYONE. I currently teach a mat Pilates class with ~50 people in it each week. The age of participation ranges from 12 to 75 years old. They all love it for different reasons. After releasing these videos last week,…

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Video Blog: Activate the Core!

A friend of mine recently had a baby and asked: “So what is the best way to start building back my abdominal muscles?” Without getting into detail about core anatomy or into a debate over which muscles are really part of the core and blah, blah, blah, I’m certain we all agree we need the inner abdominal layers.…

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