Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Physical Therapy the Best Option to Heal an Injury or Pain?

Pain and injury cause confusion to the body and shut down certain muscles. When these muscles shut down our body tries to compensate with other muscles and movement patterns. This leads to dysfunction and pain in the body. Physical therapy reorganizes the brain to use the correct muscles and healthy movement patterns. This KEY PRINCIPLE is what heals the body.

“Physical Therapists are movement experts.” ~Vision 20/20, APTA

What are Healthy Movement Patterns?

Our body is incredibly designed to move through space forward, backward, to the side, through rotation and at a diagonal. When our brain is organized and in a pain-free state, we are able to sync up the correct muscle sequence and coordination for a healthy movement pattern.

In a painful state, the brain is confused. For example, when the hip extends or moves behind us, the glute should fire first. It is the main hip extender and should be the driver of movement. However, with pain the brain may fire the hamstring and/or the back muscles first to do the work of the glute. This causes back pain or hamstring pain and leads to dysfunction. Physical Therapy teaches your brain (and YOU!) how to fire the glute first to have a coordinated and healthy movement pattern.

“Good and healthy movement looks the same on ANY body.” ~ Lori Duncan, Founder

What is the Physical Therapy Experience like at Duncan Sports Therapy + Wellness?

It’s Patient-Based. YOU-based. That’s right…it’s all about you.

If you’ve had PT in the past, it has likely been an Insurance-Based experience.

What’s the difference? A LOT!

Patient-Based Experience: You arrive at the clinic and your physical therapist greets you. You get to discuss the progress you’ve had, concerns still lingering and exercises that didn’t work or now feel easy. The treatment consists of hands-on manual treatment, Pilates and/or specific exercises designed for you. It’s all about what you need. Your entire 45-60 minute treatment time is with the PT and dedicated to optimizing the Triangle of Treatment: Mobility, Stability and Strength. This combination is the KEY to restoring healthy movement patterns. This level of care allows for significant healing, with most patients seeing us 5-9 visits total.

Insurance-Based Experience: You arrive at the clinic, sign in at the front desk, sit and wait for your appointment to start. You see the Physical Therapist for 15-20 minutes. Then, you are handed off to an Aide (unlicensed, unskilled individual to take you through your exercises). You continue to do the same exercises you did the few weeks before with possibly a few more repetitions, but no real progressions. After your exercises, you are taken to a table for ultrasound, ice and/or Estim. By this time, you have likely spent 75-90 minutes at the clinic for 15-20 minutes with the licensed physical therapist. You will likely spend 2-3 days/week for 4- 6 weeks, totaling up to 18 visits. Isn’t your time worth something?

I’ve had Physical Therapy Before and It’s Never Worked. Why is this Different?

Our PT approach, our kindness and knowledge. We treat everyone 1:1. We watch how your body responds to the prescribed exercises during each visit. If something isn’t working for your body, we modify or change it. Our clinic does not do cookie-cutter PT.

Every treatment is a progression from the one before, so each visit feels important and new. The entire treatment time consists of YOU and the Physical Therapist. That’s it. Your time here feels calm, private and personal. We get to know you, how you learn and what goals drive you to heal your pain and injury. Having 45-60 minutes of dedicated time with a medical profession is rare, but we know it’s the optimal way to heal the body.

Should Physical Therapy Hurt?

Absolutely Not. Pain does not heal pain.  

Healthy, intelligent and research-based PT feels healing, mindful and effective. Our patients leave feeling BETTER…every time.

“It doesn’t have to hurt to count.” ~Heather G., a former patient

What Treatments Are Used at Your Clinic?

The very best modalities to heal the body are manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and education. And, the research will support this every single time. We are not in the business of fads, gimmicks or using interventions that get a lot of media attention. We are Doctors of our profession and use our skilled hands and minds to help you find and experience pain-free movement. And, we teach your how to heal your body.

“Thank you for all of the education about my body and exercises to make the various areas stronger and in less pain. I have learned so much over my visits.” ~KS, former patient

What is Manual Therapy? Is it the Same as Massage Therapy?

No. Not at all. Manual therapy is a specific skill to physical therapists and consists of soft tissue manipulation, joint mobility, movement with mobilization and muscle facilitation. Manual therapy is used to restore mobility, inhibit poor muscle activation and promote permanent change.

Massage Therapy is wonderful and appropriate when the body is healthy. Massage is a great adjunct to activity when you need a re-charge of relaxation and muscle manipulation to encourage good mobility and recovery. It does not include joint manipulations or muscle facilitation.

“Manual therapy feels like magic on the body.” ~ TT, former patient

I’m Coming to Physical Therapy for my Ankle…Why are we Treating my Hip?

The body is one continuous unit and should be treated as such. It’s ancient thinking and highly ineffective to just treat the ankle, or just the shoulder. All movement is stabilized from the core and it must be incorporated for optimal healing. The true core is our trunk: including shoulder blade muscles, lats, spinal stabilizers, deep abs and glutes. The legs, arms and neck move freely from the core.

With an ankle injury, the closest part of the core is the glutes and hip. Without core stability the body does not function well. Yes, it’s true most ankle sprains are the result of weak ankles, but the other main culprit is a weak hip.

Main Gist: We treat the CAUSE of pain or injury, not just the symptoms.

What does that mean? Here’s a patient example

A woman fell on her shoulder and fractured her arm. The only way to repair it was a reverse total shoulder. She came to see us for PT on her total shoulder, but we also treated her balance. Why? Poor balance was the CAUSE or reason for her fall and fracture. Without this approach, this patient would be susceptible to another fall, fracture or surgery.

Without treating the cause of pain or the whole body as a system, true lifelong healing is not an option.

Is Cash-Pay Really More Cost-Effective than Using Insurance?

YES! One of the biggest epiphanies at our clinic is how much more affordable it is for patients to NOT use their insurance. 

Shocking, right?

But, if "using insurance" seems important, let's do some math. 

In an insurance-based clinic (remember, we are patient-based) you will likely see a PT 2-3x/week for 4-6 weeks. Most people have a $50+ co-pay. The out-of-pocket cost (co-pays do not count toward your deductible) would be $400 - $900.

This does not include any contractual agreement or deductibles that must be met before your insurance pays 100%. Some patients are charged up to $200/visit before the deductible is met.

At our patient-based clinic our fee is a flat-rate. We see patients 5-9 times over 2-3 months. This is the average amount of visits. Some patients come less, some a few more. 

Again, let's do math. This is the range for 5-9 visits at our clinic.

$545 - $830 

Overall, it's more time-efficient and cost-effective to have PT at our clinic. And, you can submit all of these costs to your deductible. Win-win!

If you're still unsure about the "non-insurance" model, you can book a FREE 20 Minute Discovery Visit with us.

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What is a Discovery Visit?

Discovery Visits are ABSOLUTELY FREE and include a brief evaluation, a little education and a few suggestions for what may help your body heal. If you feel PT would be beneficial, you can choose to continue with a paid session for a full 60 minute PT Evaluation.

These sessions are great for those who wonder if you really need PT. Sometimes you're not sure if your injury or pain is a big deal or if it's just a little niggle that will go away in a few weeks? Well, now you can find out. For FREE!

Dr. Abbey Campbell, DPT, will be offering 20 Minute Discovery Visit for those who are unsure about whether or not they can benefit from PT.

These sessions are limited to respect the time and schedules of our paying clientele.

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Do You Accept FSA & HSA Benefits?

Absolutely! Physical therapy is a medical service so you are able to use your FSA and HSA benefits at our clinic. 

Do You Accept Credit Cards & Checks?

Yes! We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Checks and Cash are accepted too.

What is Your Cancelation Policy?

We do have a 24 HOUR cancelation policy and appreciate your thoughtfulness before canceling. Late cancels are subject to the full visit fee.