Big Toe Mobility: Is It Really That Important?

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When a patient walks in with a primary compliant of foot pain a lower body screening is necessary. This means watching the patient walk normally, walk on toes, walk on heels, squat, single leg squat, and other sport specific movements. Many times the hip can be the culprit for causing foot pain, but not always.…

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Move out of Pain!

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Healing the body from pain and injury is a process. It takes time, dedication and healthy movement patterns. Yep, it’s that simple. Unfortunately, we continue to live in an era of passive, silly treatments to attempt immediate pain relief. Although these treatments may ease the pain temporarily, they are not actually healing your pain. So,…

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Got Dorsiflexion?

ankle dorsiflexion squat

Poor ankle mobility can have a significant impact on motion throughout other areas of the body. If mobility is lost at the ankle joint it has to be found somewhere up the chain, such as the knee or hip. One of the most important motions at the ankle is Dorsiflexion. This is the ability to…

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Freestyle Kick: Are you Sinking or Swimming?

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Nearly every patient I see with some sort of pain from swimming freestyle has one common dysfunction. The pain can be in the form of low back pain, elbow pain, swimmer’s shoulder or knee pain. The common denominator is associated with lack of Gluteus Maximus activation and Core Stability during the kick. I have seen…

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Figure 4 Stretch: It’s Not That Awesome

PT in Lafayette, CO

Figure 4 Stretch. Blog Talk. Episode 5. Got hip pain? How many times have you been told to do the figure 4 stretch for your glutes or for hip pain? After cycling class? In yoga? Although this stretch is widely used as one of the best hip openers on the planet, it’s not. This stretch…

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