Private Pilates Sessions

We know from research that pain shuts down our stablizing muscles. Pilates can bring them back to life!

We emphasize Pilates-based PT at first, no matter what sport or activity you are trying to return to.

In addition to Pilates-based PT, we offer Private Pilates sessions on the Reformer, Tower and Mat. If you are interested in scheduling, please email [email protected] or call 720-515-7479 to inquire about availability.

  • Private, PT-based 45 Minutes $115

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

Pilates is brilliant at teaching the body how to move with healthy patterns.

Pilates is rooted in a childhood development stage: Stability with Mobility. Without trunk/core stability, our leg, arm and neck mobility is altered. This leads to compensation and pain.

Consider a new born baby.

Mobility Phase: When a baby is born they are very mobile and require an adult to provide stability to their fragile body.

Stablity Phase: Around 6 months, a baby will start to sit up for lengths of time, a development phase that indicates they are working on stability.

Stability with Mobility Phase: A few months later (around 8-9 months old), a baby will sit and begin to reach for a toy outside their periphery. Imagine if that baby had never worked on trunk stability for a few months. They would fall over. As we age, we don’t fall over, we compensate. And compensation = dysfunction + pain.

Having Core Stability and learning the concept of Stability with Mobility is THE KEY for lifelong healing, pain-free function and optimal sports performance.

Physical Therapy Evaluation $205

Physical Therapy Follow-Up $150