Semi-Private Mat Pilates

Pilates is a practical and powerful form of exercise that will help you achieve happy, healthy movement.

Core. Laughter. Work!

Looking for the best pilates in Lafayette and Boulder County? If you want to dive deeper into your Pilates Practice, come join us!

This is a fun-spirited class designed to break down specific movements: teaser, spine stretch forward and spinal articulation to give you a deeper Pilates practice. Each class is unique and layered with new challenges.

This class is appropriate for anyone with some basic understanding of Pilates.

Each class is limited to 6 participants to ensure hands-on corrections, modifications as needed and good form.

Instructed by Lori Duncan, DPT, MTC, CPT.

***Currently on hold due to Covid-19***

$20 per Class


Private Pilates Sessions

We know from research that pain shuts down our stablizing muscles. Pilates can bring them back to life!

We emphasize Pilates-based PT at first, no matter what sport or activity you are trying to return to.

In addition to Pilates-based PT, we offer Private Pilates sessions on the Reformer, Tower and Mat. If you are interested in scheduling, please email [email protected] or call 720-515-7479 to inquire about availability.

These sessions are currently full. Pilates-based PT is available.

  • Private, PT-based 45 Minutes $99

Pilates-Based Physical Therapy

Pilates is brilliant at teaching the body how to move with healthy patterns.

Pilates is rooted in a childhood development stage: Stability with Mobility. Without trunk/core stability, our leg, arm and neck mobility is altered. This leads to compensation and pain.

Consider a new born baby.

Mobility Phase: When a baby is born they are very mobile and require an adult to provide stability to their fragile body.

Stablity Phase: Around 6 months, a baby will start to sit up for lengths of time, a development phase that indicates they are working on stability.

Stability with Mobility Phase: A few months later (around 8-9 months old), a baby will sit and begin to reach for a toy outside their periphery. Imagine if that baby had never worked on trunk stability for a few months. They would fall over. As we age, we don’t fall over, we compensate. And compensation = dysfunction + pain.

Having Core Stability and learning the concept of Stability with Mobility is THE KEY for lifelong healing, pain-free function and optimal sports performance.

Physical Therapy Evaluation $189

Physical Therapy Follow-Up $130