Pilates Videos

Pilates is MAGIC on the Body. Now you can Practice at Home.

Did you Know??? Research Proves that Mat Pilates will:

  • Decrease Fall Risk and Improve Balance
  • Create Symmetry in the Body for Healthy Muscle Activation
  • Improve Breathing, even for Patients with COPD
  • Strengthen Posture for Walking, Running and Daily Function
  • Enhance the Quality of Life for those with Chronic Low Back Pain

These Videos are Safe, Effective and Easy to Follow at Home.

Created and Instructed by Lori Duncan, DPT, MTC, CPT - a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pilates Instructor. With mindful cueing, an easy-to-follow pace and a little singing, these videos help make exercise a little more fun!

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A Brief Description of Each Video

  • Happy Healthy Abs - A 15 Minute Video with an emphasis on deep abdominal activation with arm and leg movement.
  • Happy Healthy Glutes - A 15 Minute Video with an emphasis on the glutes!
  • Happy Healthy Body - A 45 Minute Video for a full body workout including: deep abs, glutes, balance and more!

Each video can be purchased separately and once you buy them they are yours forever. Make a Vimeo account (free) with your email and then you can purchase the videos you want. Easy-peasy. Best part...no equipment required!

What is Vimeo? Vimeo is like YouTube for the Professional. You can watch the videos on your phone, iPad, computer and even TV. The technology is actually really easy. You may need to download the Vimeo App on your device. Once it's downloaded, log in and voila! The videos are there for your viewing.

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About the Instructor

Dr. Lori Duncan, DPT, MTC, CPT found Pilates in 2009 after a friend asked her to join a Reformer class. After a few sessions, Lori realized the power and brilliance of Pilates as rehab intervention. She now travels the country to teach other therapists how to use Pilates in Rehab. Her course is entitled Strengthening Core Stability and can be accessed online or live. Lori is passionate about preventive physical therapy and continues to try and educate via blogging, social media and as a fitness instructor. Lori received her Doctor of Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy Certification from the University of St. Augustine. She is also a Certified Pilates Instructor.

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