Our Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is one of the most powerful therapeutic interventions for lifelong healing.

Physical Therapy is a conservative, educational and individualized approach that teaches you how to have healthy movement patterns in your body. Without healthy patterns, our body is susceptible to injury, pain, dysfunction and early aging. 

  • One-On-One Evaluation & Treatment with the PT
  • Movement Assessment: SFMA & Functional Tests
  • Manual Therapy: Soft Tissue  & Joint Mobilization
  • Mulligan: Mobilization with Movement
  • Pilates-Based Rehabilitation
  • Run & Gait Analysis
  • Sports-Specific Rehab

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Run & Gait Analysis

Our philosophy is simple. If you don’t know how to move from the core, you really don’t know how to move

Our bodies were designed for movement...movement from the core. Most run and gait is taught from the foot to hip and it's a confusing way for the body to learn.

All movement initiates from the core, including run and gait. It's imperative to optimize this component first before changing shoes, ground strike, cadence or stride length.


When healing pain, Pilates is one of the most effective forms of movement.

Pilates teaches the body how to move in a logical, holistic and synergistic manner. The movements are non-impact, calming and challenging! And, it feels good to everyone at any age.

  • Pilates-Based PT
  • Core Control
  • Dissociation of Movement
  • Trunk Stability for Efficient Mobility
  • Mat, Reformer and Tower Exercises
  • Videos for Practice at Home