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Frozen Shoulder: Does it Really Thaw?

Frozen shoulder is a very painful shoulder condition, yet most people forego getting treatment. They simply try and “wait it out.” It has always shocked me how long patients tolerate the pain of frozen shoulder before getting treatment. But once they start the process of physical therapy, every single patient says: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”…

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Pilates for Triathletes Swim Part II: Swimmer’s Shoulder

As promised, the triathlete series continues. Last month, Swim Part I was posted, emphasizing the importance of scapular stabilization for latissimus dorsi power. The post highlighted how Pilates is highly effective at training scapular awareness, stabilization and strength. This post will concentrate on the role of the rotator cuff and abdominals during the freestyle stroke. And, once again, how Pilates…

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Pilates for Triathletes Swim Part I: Move from the Back

This is the first post in a series entitled: Pilates for Triathletes: Swim, Bike, Run. Over the years, I have treated many triathletes and have found Pilates to be an effective cross-training tool for endurance athletes. Why? Pilates is a low impact, endurance-based strength and flexibility workout that teaches the athlete how to efficiently engage one part of…

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