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Knee Arthritis: Does Running Really Make it Worse?

If this question was asked 20 years ago, the quick and common answer would be “YES”. Intuitively, it makes sense that running would increase arthritis. If you consider the contact of the foot on the ground, over and over, for miles and miles, the wear and tear seems probable. Luckily, research continues to find that running does NOT progress knee arthritis. For…

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Pilates for Triathletes Run Part I: The Single Leg Squat

Whether you’re the occasional, recreational, or elite runner, there is one common link that should exist between all runners. It is independent of how the foot hits the ground or if the shoe is $50 or $250. It is also independent of age. The common link that should exist with all runners is: a strong, stable and efficient hip-pelvic-core complex. The parts…

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The Squat: How Low Should You Go?

The squat is a functional movement essential to transfer our body weight down and back up through space. It allows us to hover near the ground for work in the garden, to sit down into a chair and to get us low enough to grab a pan in a bottom cabinet. It’s a great movement (and exercise) that…

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