Blog Talk with Lori Duncan – Hip Labral Tears (Episode 1)

Blog Talk with Lori Duncan – Hip Labral Tears (Episode 1)

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Episode 1 is dedicated to one of the most popular Blog Posts: FAI- Hip Labral Tear: Is It Surgery Worthy?  I receive a lot of emails and comments (which I do love), but many of you have the same questions. This Video Podcast explains Hip Labral Tears visually, answers the most common questions and, hopefully, leads you in the direction to try physical therapy first before even considering surgery.

Thanks for listening! ~Lori

Hip Labral Tears (Episode 1) Video



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  1. Lori,
    In 2009 I had Hip Labral Tear Surgery.
    Been doing well since up until the last 2 months. Can’t get comfortable. Pain right side (surgical side) hip, glute down the right side of leg.
    Back hurts, stiff neck.
    I had an MRI, labral tear looks perfect, mild arthritis.
    Had an injection of Toradol and Lidocaine to try and pin point the spot where the pain is coming from at Orthopedist Office

    My husband is an ER Doc and thinks I have Piriformis Syndrome but not confirmed yet by Orthopedist. I need some relief. Feeling like I should
    find someone just like you who understands and can at least help me figure out where the pain is coming from.

    • Hi Ann. If your hip joint is clear, then it is likely myofascial. Have you worked on your core/glutes recently to try and see if that helps your pain? Or, did your spine come back positive? In any case. you need core/glute to heal your pain. Let me know if you have further questions.

  2. I had my right hip tear repaired last April, it tore again. PT only aggravated it, also my spine, back and left hip have become compromised. I am overweight, but struggle driving or going to the store because of the pain. Now I cannot find a Dr shi takes my insurance. I am miserable..50 years old and in constant pain!

  3. I did a Skype consult and one follow-up with you late last year on this issue and your insight was so welcome and encouraging! I then was able to find a local PT who I could see in person whose approach was so much like yours, so I felt comfortable with him. I started out doing exercises at least 2X a day for the first few months, with no running. I remember the day he handed me the paper that said “Program for Return to Distance Running” and I nearly burst into tears, I was so happy! I am now training for the Chicago Marathon and have discomfort only very rarely. I have a set of strength exercises I do twice a week, and have been told I should keep that up for as long as I intend to be a distance runner. Some of what I do was given to me by my PT. The rest I got from your Pilates videos that I purchased on Vimeo. My PT had me show him what I was doing and agreed Pilates is the way to go. I was feeling so discouraged by the time I found you online, and now I am so much stronger. Thanks for helping me get on the right path! I’m your number one fan in Missouri. 🙂

  4. I have been bothered with lateral hip pain for over 3 years. It was diagnosed (without testing) as bursitis. The past 3 months it had gotten really bad, so I went back to my Ortho. He decided to have an MRI done which showed a large labrum tear. I am hoping to put surgery off as long as possible because of the down time it will require. I’m very active, exercising 35 hours/week. I had a cortisone injection two days ago, and today, I don’t feel the lateral hip pain. My question is, since it’s a large tear and I’ve had it for so long, how long should I put off surgery. I don’t want to keep getting injections. Do you think I should try PT for a while. I know one day I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do it. I’m 63 now. My fear is if I let it go too long, I may not be able to walk at all.

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