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Lori Duncan is truly amazing. Initially I saw Lori a few years ago because I had back problems. My doctor said I would never run again. However, Lori never said that. Through physical therapy with Lori, I was able to alleviate all of my back pain and continue running. I saw Lori again this year after I had surgery on my heel. She put together a perfect plan of physical therapy and a slow return to running. It all went so well that I’m running the NYC marathon in a couple of weeks. Not only is Lori a great physical therapist, but she genuinely cares about her patients and wants to see them return to what they love to do, whatever that may be. I highly recommend Lori without any reservation. She is the best. – Cathy C.

Lori is amazing, and so good at what she does! About 8 months ago, I injured my knee while playing soccer. I went to see Lori, and she gave me positive hope that I would recover with physical therapy, and more importantly, no surgery. She was right! Lori truly cares about her patients and is persistent in helping them return to what they love to do! Lori is a true professional! – Jesselyn S.

Seeing Lori on a regular basis is a necessity for me. As a competitive triathlete at 41 years old, trying to keep up with those much younger than me, I rely on Lori to keep me strong, use my body as efficiently as possible and quickly address any pain that comes up as I train between 15 and 20 hours a week. Pilates has made me a better athlete and significantly improved my swim. Her ability to understand me as an athlete and keep me going forward is second to none. – Amy B., competitive triathlete

Lori loves what she does and it’s so apparent in the way she treats patients. She’s extremely professional, straight forward in her delivery of your care, realistic about the outcome, listens with a careful ear and wants her patients to live pain free. Hands down, she’s the best around. – Sarah, fitness professional

About six months ago I severely herniated my disc (“pretty impressive” as described by my doctor) between L5 and S1. Initial diagnosis was: I might need surgery. I started physical therapy with Lori as recommended by a good friend. As of today, many thanks to Lori, I almost can do my usual workout routine in the gym. I am pain-free, and most importantly I didn’t have to go through surgery. In addition to providing great physical therapy, she also gave me tremendous emotional support to help me get through my anxieties about ever fully recovering.- Andy, manager and weight lifter

What I love most about Lori’s approach to PT is that 1) she understands the body better than any medical professional I’ve worked with, 2) she is determined to “fix” the problem, and does not see it as a successful treatment program if you have to continue to see her with no end in sight and 3) she uses real world movement to help you to heal and be functional in your day-to-day environment and activities. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and am glad that friends and family have experienced the same life changing healing that I have. -Natalee G., business owner

Lori is truly amazing! Before meeting her I had seen a few different physical therapists for the same chronic injuries, and she is the only one that has helped to heal me! Lori is a lifesaver! -Tara B., fitness professional

After a major ankle injury that left me not walking and a bad PT experience that left me not wanting to go, I met Lori. She became the savior of all PT for me personally. Through her unique approach to the whole body and her integration of a normal reformer machine into my visits, I was able to regain my walking as well as my movement of my ankle/foot/leg. Although my struggles were long and challenging, Lori was at my side the whole time. She was always helpful and kind although very firm in her techniques. Keep in mind, if she wasn’t, I wouldn’t be walking without a limp or other issues that I don’t want to think about. If you are struggling in your PT with another therapist, I would encourage you to move to someone you can trust and who will always look out for your continued recovery; you will find that therapist in Lori; I am forever grateful.- Valerie S., engineer

I have never been able to lift my arms straight up and was referred to Lori to see if there would be anything she could do from a physical therapy perspective. My primary care doctor was recommending surgery. After a few weeks of working with Lori I could see that my arms could go up and that my shoulders did work the way they were designed. Lori worked wonders for me and I highly recommend her to others I know. – Bob. C, business owner

Lori is absolutely the best PT I have worked with. I met her after knee surgery and she was very through in treating my knee, but also in finding the physical issues causing my injuries. Lori has helped me regain my life and body back. If you are looking for PT, help with your training, reducing pain, or simply living healthier, I would recommend her in a heartbeat.    -Gail M., caretaker 

I hurt my lower back doing something stupid (for my age), and the pain quickly became debilitating, so I arranged an appointment to see Lori in her clinic. I am an engineer by trade, and problem-solving using logic is a way of life, so the logic that Lori uses to ‘zero in’ on a problem made a strong impression on me. She asked some general questions, leading to the specific, and based on my answers she knew exactly how to proceed with a course of action. She administered treatment and gave me a regimen of exercises to do for the long haul (some of which I still do as part of a normal workout, even without symptoms). Fantastic results! When I arrived at her office, I was barely able to get out of the car, and when I left, I was able to just ‘hop in’ and go. This PT knows what she’s doing! – Tim H., engineer

Lori is a fantastic PT, I really love her full body approach to solving a problem. I recently suffered from plantar fasciitis but instead of just telling me to wear foot orthotics and stop running, she found the source of the problem and gave me some exercises and stretches that helped resolved my pain. I can now run again pain free! Lori is very passionate about her work and healing people; she is highly recommended! – Michelle, avid runner 

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