Even with pain, Pilates is one of the most effective forms of movement. Pilates re-teaches the body how to recruit, stabilize and move in a logical, holistic and synergistic manner, without any impact.

Have you ever had back pain and wondered why you can’t find a comfortable sitting position but are able to “push through the pain” to lift your baby or perform a loaded squat? The first scenario relies on the stabilizers of our body, the second relies on our powerful “movers.” We need both systems for optimal movement, but neither should be painful. Pain actually shuts down our stabilizing muscles, but Pilates can bring them back to life!

Pilates is a brilliant and powerful form of movement that will make you feel better, taller and stronger!

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We offer Private Pilates sessions on the Reformer, Tower and Mat. To schedule an appointment, please email Kim, our Office Manager, at [email protected] or call 720-515-7479.

We are also have Semi-Private Mat Pilates sessions. Each class is limited to 6 participants to ensure hands-on corrections, modifications as needed and good form. Click the button below to sign up!!

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