Why don’t you accept insurance?

To provide one-on-one care. Effective, personal and meaningful care that is not governed by someone other than the licensed therapist.

Why is using my insurance more expensive than cash pay rates?

For most people (~70-75%), cash pay rates are more affordable than using insurance. Shocking, right? Even with an affordable copay (let’s say $30), gone are the days where this is the only cost to the patient (or it is very rare). At a clinic that accepts insurance, they legally have to bill your insurance company. If there is any deductible to be met, the patient is responsible for the remaining amount (minus the copay already paid). Depending on the contractual agreement between the PT clinic and the insurance provider, patients can pay up $150 per session to use their insurance.

What should I expect at the initial evaluation?

The initial session is one hour and consists of the evaluation, education of diagnosis, manual treatment (if indicated) and practice of the prescribed exercises.

What do the follow-up sessions entail?

The follow-up sessions are 45 minutes and the entire time is spent with the therapist. Treatments usually include: manual therapy, neuromuscular re-training and exercise prescription for home. The treatment sessions are active, progressive and consistently working toward the patient’s goal achievement.

How many times per week do I need to come to Physical Therapy?

It just depends. Most patients come 1x/week. At times, it is important for patients to come 2x/week for a few weeks for manual therapy and exercise progressions. The expectation is for patients to work diligently at home. This expectation allows people to have very successful outcomes with fewer visits.

What is your cancelation policy?

In order to avoid any cancelation fees, we request 24 hours notice. Late cancels will be subject to the visit fee.

Can I use my HSA or FSA money?

Absolutely! Physical therapy is a medical service.

Do you accept credit cards and checks, as well as cash?

Yes! Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover cards are accepted. Checks and cash accepted too.

If I want to bill my insurance for out-of-network benefits, can I?

Of course! For each visit, we will email you a superbill (a specific note the insurance company will like), detailing the charges, diagnosis, assessment, plan, goals and treatment.

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