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Blog Talk – Hip Labral Tears (Episode 1)

Blog Talk. Hip Labal Tear. Episode 1.

Think you have a hip labral tear? Have you been told that the only option is surgery? Well, that is not true for most people. It has become a popular surgery in the past decade, but is it only because we now have imaging to see them?

This blog talk is dedicated to one of the most popular Blog Posts: FAI- Hip Labral Tear: Is It Surgery Worthy? [1]  I receive a lot of emails and comments (which I do love), but many of you have the same questions.

This Video Podcast explains Hip Labral Tears visually, answers the most common questions and, hopefully, leads you in the direction to try physical therapy first before even considering surgery.

If you have or think you have a hip labral tear, it’s worth the time to listen. Less than 10 minutes.

Blog Talk is A Video Podcast of Physical Therapy, Healthy Movement and Patient Stories.

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